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  • The freeze in RuneScape gold  comms on account of the group working through a lot of uncertainty might have been managed from all sides. We're going to get to a balance in which we're still not announcing content too premature, but we're doing a much better - and more consistent - job of keeping you informed on what is going on development wise. It is going to take some time, not saying we will nail everything right out of the gate, but it's the objective. I appreciate the follow up, which you guys are saying that you're likely to be getting greater and that it takes some time, each of which I am still hopeful for.

    But you guys also have to know that Jagex as a whole has a horrible history of saying that you guys will do something, then going on said thing just for us to find out n number of weeks later the plan was completely altered, or scrapped altogether. I he says they are already doing a job, this is actually the year ever for rs so far.

    Whoever must type up defiantly did a good job because they can turn literally nothing into an entire page of text writing essays. A"better job" is subjective though. Is it a job than say. 2016? Can it be a better job than a couple of months back if we or less had been told"everything is nice, the teams flocked nice, you'll have quarterly updates" and that was a large fat lie? Definitely.

    Jagex uses the monetization plans for Runescape 3: While a F2P alternative is provided, the vast majority of those Runescape 3 content is secured behind a subscription fee. The consumer is able to get the content that is extra. The present incarnation of this Squeal of Fortune, Treasure Hunter, is a collection of different loot box style systems, many of which quite literally involve one opening chests with keys in exchange for RS 2107 Gold in-game benefits such as makeup and objects designed to provide customers advantages within RuneScape.

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