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Everyone now can tokenize yourself and tokenize your business! 

Viroboss enables any individual to tokenize themselves and business to tokenize their business.

VCOIN and VIROBOSS ecosystem is set to revolutionize how we generate money and socialize when industry 4.0 ai and robot eliminates 40% of jobs in the next 15 years.  77% of China Jobs, 69% of India Jobs and 40% of America Jobs are at risk.

SME, Retail and F&B token mass adoption is currently limited by expensive tokenization fees of $100k USD to $1mil USD. 

Viroboss offers Individual and Businesses to easily create their own individual token and business token in one platform.  The token is automatically listed into Viroboss Exchange. 

Any Individual can create $50k, $400k, $1mil, $10mil, $25mil of the individual token by paying a small fee through VCOIN.

Businesses can create $1mil, $10mil, $50mil of business token paying a small fee through VCOIN.

As more people buy and transact with VCOIN, VCOIN owner can use the coin as a utility token to create their own coin, list in Viroboss private exchange, post a business and property classified ads, and select e-commerce subscription package.

For a sustainable ecosystem and mass adoption, 50% of the transaction fee collected will be distributed back to the Viroboss users.  You have the opportunity to receive VCOIN reward by doing the following activities:

  1. Invite friends using your affiliate link.
  2. Posting new content in your wall, blogs section, and topics section.
  3. Comment, like and share your friends and family’s content.
  4. Share your photos and videos.

To learn more about Viroboss and VCOIN, please visit our website

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