If you don't would rather the core programs of osrs

If you don't would rather the core programs of osrs, in which case you need to OSRS gold just switch and you are actually playing the wrong game. Yep. Same here, around June 2019. The first grind was a little rough, but as soon as you get your bearings, understand the meta and how to get around, it actually isn't that bad at all.Not stating this to party on RS3 or to pump up OSRS, however there's a lot of incorrect advice. Merely to respond point-by-point:

But if you wanted to, you can do so at an NPC in Nardah as a Desert Diary award for 200gp per. Faster than doing it manually no matter is meta regardless of the make-x. Beginning at 23 RC, you are able to make Lavas with almost no requirements. Should you assume midgame as 50RC+ (for medium pouch), it is 55k/hr. Growing further as you get access to greater pouches.

They never actually"reworked" con? They just expanded the rewards with matters like Achievement Gallery, Portal Nexus, etc.. It's pretty similar right today to RS3, no? Mahogany houses is usually 2x slower, but 2x cheaper than conventional Oak plank approaches... that is what most of the playerbase would utilize. It is meant to be a mid-tier option, and I think that it excels at that. If you are ready to afford the expense of getting 900k/hr with Mahogany tables, you are not actually the target demographic for your mini-game. Despite this, the Hosidius wall recolor still offers a reason for greater levels to do the content if it's a desirable reward to them.

Mining isn't assists early, nor is it slow. You can literally quest to 50. And out of 50+ you can do a fairly AFK Volcanic Mine (mini-game) solo method which ignites you 55k/hr. If you do the skill in teams it is possible to get 70-90k/hr. Slayer is not prayer pot spam, and I complete find it more rewarding with all the task-exclusive bosses. RS3 has this too. No surge or bladed dip, accurate. Gottem. No dinosaurs, yeah. Hunting monkeys is rather funny though. No seedicide, true. Farming isn't time gated. Or you can play the Tithe Farm minigame, that includes early, mid, and cheap RS gold late game seed alternatives for 30k/70k/110k xp/hr respectively.
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