He seldom ever talks about RuneScape

Edit - I misremembered, Xzact did get a lvl 3 flame cape, but did not have to OSRS gold use a lvl 3 flame cape acc for each effort since he desired protection prayers for the inferno anyways.He utilizes shield prayer in inferno correct? Probably did not need to do a level 3 fire cape each time.Oh shit you're right he does utilize shield prayers. I think he just mentioned in a stream the way the inferno cape could go lower if someone did the lvl 3 f cape route along with other mechanics.Inferno doesn't offer you prayer xp so prayer is a totally free skill to get. Fight caves is costly and tedious with it though.

It is impressive but its cape with food, no pillars, potions or chemical. Weapons & plead flicking only.Woox himself said he won't try Lvl 3 firecape because it is less of a challenge. Level 3 flame cape is just tick manipulations and exploits for over 100+ hours. Skills are taken by inferno pray flicking as you can not just snare mobs and utilize runescape mechanisms to wear them down. You have to actively fight & can never make a pray movie mistake while often multi flicking for numerous minutes on end.

Rendi had to multi flick only at the beginning of waves until he managed to get them trapped. I'd say Rendi multi pray flicked less across the entire 100+ hour journey than Woox did in just a couple of high level Inferno waves.The sole reason folks don't tak about Woox's absolutely insane Infero run is since he didn't advertise it. Rendi was on a several year entertainment and challenge travel he had a bigger viewer base.

Rendi made a huge deal about every step along the trip. 1 day, Woox just simply.... Did it and uploaded lol. He rarely ever talks about it even when his conversation is pressuring him about it. Like a god that is true, he just does the things then retreats to the shadows to wait for the next hardest challenge and he is always the first to cheap RuneScape gold CRUSH it. All hail god king Woox.
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