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Jacob & Co. Astronomy Casino Watch Hands-On

Clocks and watches are sometimes just out of appreciation for craftsmanship ... not practicality, not versatility ... just to prove that something can be successfully done outrageously. jacob & co astronomia price.This is one of them for me

T Jacobs & Co. Astronomy Casino, also known as Jacobs & Co. Astronomy Gambler, is another unique creation, conception, design and production of Jacob and the company that is ridiculous over them The goal of the segment is to take another step towards designing, interesting, and ultra-high-end watches-because this kind of thing does exist, and it has actually existed for many years.

The naughty in the middle is ruled by Harry Winston Opus (Harry Winston Opus) watches, and is widely and rightly regarded as the original source of high-quality watches. A creative work that overcomes the established limitations in design and function-Jaquet Droz works in music as a teenager, with large complex functions of perpetual calendar, chronograph and automatic winding device. (Some basic research will make you realize how the value of these products of companies such as Audemars Piguet, IWC, Lange and Thorne has fallen, sometimes falling to 25% to 30% of the original retail price.) Why do I say this? ? First, because it was only recently that I realized that this was a "big complication" that happened frequently, not just "one-off" lemons, and second, it showed that many people who could afford these things were prepared to crack down on their purchases ( Or even if they are not ready, they are forced to do so,Harry Winston Opus 12 OPUMHM46WW001 Replica Watch

Whether you like it or not, the resale value of these one-time holy grail status watches tells you more about their current needs than I used to. Watches that can burn six digits (dollars) when they can be purchased have been moved to watches with any one or more of the following: 1) novelty, 2) fun, 3) expressiveness, 4) uniqueness, 5 ) Simple appreciation. As with watches, the more ticked boxes, the higher the price. Jacob & Co. Astronomer Casino goes to great lengths to tick all these boxes and then hit some more.

With its ridiculous thickness of 27.9 mm (only one inch, and then some more!), It is understandable. This watch is easy to admire from close range ... and the other side of the dining table. It's as cautious as Francis Bacon in the 1940s who sat on a boat at dinner and fixed overhead like a sail. The multi-layer, multi-purpose JCAM29A caliber can verify its weight. The caliber includes the astronomical "vertical caliber", the rotating platform with its four rotating arms, and the fully functional full-mechanical roulette complications located below it.

First, a few words about astronomy. Although Jacob & Co. has created many distinct changes to this movement, it is still truly outstanding in terms of its construction and function. Powered by a single spring, which has a considerable power reserve of 60 hours (depending on the model change and increased complexity, it can be longer or shorter), except for the barrel and winding device and the "bow" device ( The position on the crown) bottom cover) is reflected in this four-arm assembly.www.chronowrist.ru

The four arms are equipped with a two-axis tourbillon (which becomes a three-axis tourbillon in a way that I will explain later), a blue-magnesium miniature planet earth, a 1 carat, 288 faceted Jacob cut diamond, which also rotates around its own axis And the differential drive sub-dial at that time. These four arms simultaneously complete the rotation of the entire dial in less than 10 minutes-it is this rotation that adds a third 10-minute axis to the tourbillon.

The time display rotates with the component, so to prevent it from turning upside down when rotating around the dial, a differential is needed. This keeps the sub-dial horizontal, drives the hands, and rotates the entire assembly together.

The tourbillon and the rotating diamond are impressive. Two of my favorite feats in astronomy are this differential drive time display, and the fact that two opposing arms are perfectly balanced with each other. That's a cool "invisible project" that protects the movement from the pressure of the overweight arm to over-tighten or pull the train assembly that is about to travel.HUBLOT MP-05 LAFERRARI GOLD 905.VX.0001.RX Replica

The core of this astronomy is of course the complexity of roulette. When you press the button at the 8 o'clock position on the lower case, the wheel is rotated vigorously, allowing the white ceramic ball to fly. To prevent it from entering the movement, the entire roulette function is set under a piece of sapphire crystal glass. Every time the button is pressed, the function of this complex function will be reassuring, and the overall execution of each detail is very good.

The wheels are refined in 18k rose gold, and black and red enamel is used for its 36 + 1 pockets. As I said, the thickness is 27.9mm, and the diameter of the case is 47mm. Strangely, because the lugs are very short and the angle of inclination is large, the overall wear resistance is another way of playing games at Astronomia Casino. Seen directly from above, the overall effect can be controlled, even on a narrow wrist with a diameter of 6.75 inches. However, once I started to take the watch away from me, it would begin to reveal the structure of its Punks case, with a generously curved front sapphire crystal on top. Speaking of which, the case strap is a sapphire crystal strap, which can be used to easily appreciate the Jacob & Co. Astronomia Casino in operation when used with a hollowed-out lug.

It is a unique work. Of course, compared with any traditional large-scale complex function, it is much more entertaining. Even if it is not a real gambler, the construction method of this movement will definitely attract internal replica watches on sale enthusiasts. You can find more equally crazy astronomy works on website.


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