Richard Mille RM 005 Automatic Watch

The eponymous brand founded by artisan Richard Mille replica luxury watches in 1999, shocked the entire world of craftsmanship with a unique barrel-shaped frame and a luxurious design. Unlike a traditional round case or any barrel shape from Franck Muller or Vacheron Constantin, Richard Mille's barrel shape is both modern and sporty.

Just two years after its introduction, Richard Mille launched the first tourbillon cage of RM 001. This tourbillon cage is another new trend in the watch industry, and its design is endless. in tradition. Since 2001, Richard Mille has brought many designs every year. These designs use particularly expensive wine barrel frames made of innovative materials such as carbon fiber and ceramic. The company's website version RM-71 and the version of the BONBON series (launched by SIHH in 2019) are the latest works of Richard Mille.

Especially in 2004, it was a meaningful year for Richard Mille because it brought many models at the same time, such as timing for the famous F1 Formula racer RM 004-V1 Features, watch version RM 006. The tourbillon marks the collaboration between Richard Mille and Felipse Massa. Among the many models released in 2004, Richard Mille RM 005 is its first automatic movement. The Richard Mille RM-005 model is produced in different materials and dial versions, such as white gold, platinum, rose gold and titanium. Richard Mille RM 005 version It comes with a rose gold frame case and a black dial.Richard Mille RM 35 replica watches


The watch is presented vertically in rose gold with a brushed case frame, black with a smooth rubber strap, and a modern dark gray dial designed as a skeleton. All the details blend together. If there is only one missing, then Richard Mille is no longer Richard Mille.

After years of research and development, the Richard Mille frame case is considered a great achievement. Not only was the frame designed, the Richard Mille brand had to make its own machinery to make the case. All machines and tools are made by Richard Mille. For example, in this RM 005 version, it takes 120 hours to build the frame manufacturing process, 130 hours to design the process tool, and 180 hours to produce the tool. A total of 202 related steps were completed to complete the complete wine barrel frame.U-BOAT CHIMERA 46 TITANIO SKELETON 8066

The front and back of a Richard Mille watch are polished, similar to the sides of a clock, but the edges of the watch are finished with mirror polishing. If the front of the case is equipped with eight titanium wheel screws for enhanced aesthetics, the task of fixing the back of the case is assigned to the four screws on the bottom of the watch. The frame size of the RM 005 is 38mm x 50mm, and it adopts a curved design to gently grasp the wearer's wrist.

The Richard Mille RM 005 has an impressive design dial, and the machine can be seen from below, which is impressive on the fan. Different from the traditional production style, Richard Mille brand watches become the requirements of actors, models, professional athletes, ... ... in particular, the dial under the RM 005 sapphire glass has the same barrel shape.

Around the outer edge of the dial of the RM 005 swiss replica watches is a minute meter surrounded by pearls, which can glow elegantly but with vitality. Inside the glowing stack is a floating-point system designed for Richard Mille's home in white tones. At the 7 o'clock corner, a two-part date window replaces the hour marker, which accentuates the dial. With a hollow dial design, multiple machine parts such as the main unit are covered by black PVD, or there are shiny screws in front of the other's eyes.

If you want to take a closer look at the movement, just flip the clock back and you will see the heart of the Richard Mille RM 005 model. The automatic movement in the Richard Mille RM 005 version design is the innovation from the famous movement manufacture Dealer Vaucher SA. Although it is an automatic mechanical movement, thanks to the knob on the outside of the case, the wearer can still wind the watch RM-005 manually. At the center, the rotor is also designed as a skeleton, so it looks very sturdy. The movement inside Richard Mille RM-005 can run in 55 hours and 31 pieces of jewelry at the allowed 4Hz frequency.Patek Philippe replica watches 

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