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MB & F HM4 Thunderbolt watch hands-on

Slowing down is the latest and greatest watch from MB & F. Hands-on operation and use of No. 4 watch body-Thunderbolt.mb and f replica, What a fun little machine. Well, it's just "little", not shy on the wrist. However, this is ok, I like the boldness of my speech, and this watch is undoubtedly laid on the cool. Get the full story about HM4 here, and I wrote it when it was released to the world.

Unlike other MB & F watches, the aviation-themed HM4 is more steampunk than other watches. It's not that its theme is steampunk, but a look with two large watches and a "pod". The watch is made of titanium and is very lightweight. So much steel will be much heavier. Dressed wisely, it is actually very comfortable. I can easily wear this watch all day-just don't forget to be careful. When wearing a watch of this caliber, you don't want to feel your arm discomfort all over the place.

MB & F founder Max Busser said that HM4 is by far the clearest MB & F watch. He is actually right. This is the only horological machine with a traditional-looking dial. Round and clear, its Arabic numerals and glowing covered hand are very easy to read, especially on the wrist. I actually enjoy reading this watch. Beside time is a pod with a power reserve indicator. To make the windings super smooth, MB & F added an extra gear to the train. Although the winding is smoother, you do need to spend more time winding the watch to keep it wound. Considering that people wearing manual-wound watches tend to be nervous and irritable and tighten their crowns regularly, this is actually not terrible. The swiss movement replica watches has two crowns, one behind each case. The crown on the back of the power reserve indicator box is used for winding, and the other crown is used to adjust the time. Thankfully, reading time is as easy as operating the movement.

Although most cases look like more cohesive metal blocks, the MH4 is a more open and hollow out design. The main function of the case is to provide a movement view. In addition to the transparent sapphire crystal on the case, MB & F has also designed this watch to view the movement from all angles. You can't help but notice immediately the large sapphire crystal in the middle of the pod section. Such a large sapphire is difficult to manufacture and costs more than many types of internal mechanical movements. MB & F has only one supplier in the world to get this exotic sapphire crystal cut. For them, this can be a pain, but the results speak for themselves. I think this trend should continue to cars so that they have a transparent hood on the engine.

The HM4 engine does not have a tourbillon, but you can see the escape wheel moving in the sapphire window on top of the watch, creating a timeless dynamic. HM4 is an amazing device. Not only does it work very well, but as long as you wear a exact replica watches, you can have a wonderful membership to join a special club of exclusive watch enthusiasts.

The pilot-inspired calfskin strap is black and is customized for MB & F. It does complete the theme of watches starting with A-10 aircraft. The surface treatment of the case is a combination of polishing and satin finish. You can see that polishing is very difficult. MB & F told me that when they said they wanted to satin the case, their case organizers mocked them. It is related to the tiny space that needs to be polished and the size of the satin finish brush. In a way, it can do it, and I feel they will continue to refine the process. It is good to know that this watch is not only a limited edition, but also a new permanent component of the MB & F timepiece series.

Although my ability to afford this or other MB & F watches may never materialize, I am totally attracted by this concept. MB & F's appreciation is becoming a way of life and a love for products. Already there is the concept of "MB & F Men" (become a person who has enough confidence in their own tastes and will not ask others to recognize it), and most other avant-garde luxury watches will immediately be compared with MB & F cooking stuff. Does MB & F really care about setting them to the high standard of weird mechanical watches? Not special, although they are affected by title and location. Max Busser (and friends) will continue to develop the cool watches they want to see. It happens that their taste is a little contagious. After seeing and wearing Thunderbolt, I discovered a serious horological mechanitis! urwerk replica

MB & F HM4 ONLY watch

Under the auspices of Prince Albert II of Monaco HSH, MB & F collaborated with Chinese artist Huang Hankang to create a touching work and participated in the 2011 Watch Only Charity Auction.

The HM4 Only watch is based on the radical No. 4 horological movement, equipped with a small flying panda to manipulate the movement: a magical fusion of fantasy and cutting-edge high-end watches in children's dreams.

Only Watch is a unique philanthropy auction every two years under the strong sponsorship of Prince Albert II of Monaco HSH. All proceeds will be used for medical research on Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD).

Flying panda
Carve the pandas by hand and then cast 18k white gold using the "lost wax" technique. His re rope is micro-engineered and can be completely disassembled.

The HM4 Only watch comes with original watercolor paintings by artist Huang Hankang to express his message through MB & F's HM4.

On the sapphire glass display is a detachable 18k gold panda and re rope, on the No. 4 machine, with the signature of artist Huang Hankang.
Grade 5 titanium and sapphire with detachable 18k white gold panda, holding gold ins rope
Dimensions (excluding Panda): 54 x 52 x 24 mm
Three-dimensional watch engine developed by MB & F
Winding manually, two barrels in parallel
Power reserve: 72 hours
311 parts / 50 jewelry
Function / Instruction
Hours and minutes on right turntable; power reserve indicator on left turntable
Separate crown for time setting and winding
Sapphire crystal
Five sapphire crystals: 2 for the dial, 2 for the display panel (top and bottom), and 1 for the center case section

This MB & F Only Watch takes us into a dreamy fantasy world by driving a unique space-age HM4 jet with a friendly panda.

While we dreamed in our lives, there is a specific dream that children experience more often than adults: the ability to fly! It is unknown why the adolescent flight dream gradually disappeared. However, the imagination of adults may be rooted in the realities of everyday life and therefore become more restrained. Children with Duchenne muscular dystrophy gradually lose mobility and become paralyzed. However, although their bodies may be trapped, their youthful spirit can escape in their dreams and imaginations. HM4 Only Watch provides children with fantasy flying, reasons to smile, and wild journey through time and space.BREITLING Bentley 24H AB022022/BC84-220S

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